Production always begins with raw materials. This material needs to be loaded for transportation as well as unloaded for use, all with efficiency and reliability. Additionally, the safety and comfort of operators and the minimisation of the need for labour must be taken into account. Pneu Powder Systems offers structures and solutions which fulfil these criteria and more for our clients.

PPS provides loading via a pneumatic systems, which we structure based on our client’s needs. By use of an integrated system of blowers or vacuums (See: Pneumatic Conveying Systems), we are able to transport materials varying distances to a loading gun efficiently, which is then used to fill a container, ready to be transported.

Pneu Powder Systems also offers systems to unload materials from containers, trucks and bag of varying size with ease. Systems can be as simple as our Auto Debagging system, Bulk Bag Unloading system or our Bulk Truck Unloading system. Other systems like the Bag Dump Charging System and our ISO Container Tilting Platform & Unloading system are marginally more complicated. Systems can also be fitted with filters, hoppers, fans and other options to increase efficiency, quality and consistency. With our extensive knowledge and experience, PPS will work with our clients to construct the most reliable and cost efficient system to meet their needs.



Twin Bag Dump Station